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  • Locations: Belfast, Ireland; Bunratty, Ireland; Cork, Ireland; Derry, Ireland; Dingle, Ireland; Dublin, Ireland; Galway, Ireland; Killarney, Ireland; Spartanburg, United States
  • Program Terms: Interim
Fact Sheet:
Language of Instruction: English Eligibility: Freshman, Junior, Senior, Sophomore
Program: Faculty-Led
Program Description:
Ireland: Then, Now, & Forever

Program Overview
For some, it is easy to reduce the history of Ireland to a set of dichotomies: Irish versus English, Catholic versus Protestants, Republic versus Ulster. But the history of this land is so much bigger. In fact, some of the great movements of Irish history spilled from their shores and onto North America. The Scots-Irish immigrants who landed in the Appalachians and the Irish-Catholics who later arrived in New England have shaped the American experience in fundamental ways. From a history marked by struggles, both within and without, emerges a vibrant modern society focused on progress and reconciliation. It has become known as the "Celtic Tiger" due to the rapid economic growth fueled by direct foreign investment, especially in high tech firms and the information industry. Although it is an important partner in the European Union the future is less than clear. Northern Ireland is poised to leave the European Union as a member of the United Kingdom. How this will affect the relationship and the joint history on the island is yet to be determined. Students will experience first-hand the history and culture of Ireland in places such as Dublin, Belfast, Galway, and Cork. This interim is designed to explore the past, encounter the present, and look to the future of Ireland.
Students will enroll in JAN 416 A for Interim. This course will focus on Irish history and culture. Through travel to the different sites in Ireland, students will experience the history, art, architecture, psychology, society and economy of Ireland firsthand and in person. In addition, students will be asked to develop an avatar. This persona will be developed based on specific dimensions (i.e. gender, historical period, social class, etc), and students will interpret common readings and communal experiences through the perspective of avatar.

Students will be housed in hotels during their travel in Ireland. 

Program Costs
Program fee: $5,610
This cost includes international airfare, lodging, transportation to and from the airport, on-site transportation, some group meals, all fees/tickets and guides for pre-arranged events and activities, books and international insurance coverage.

Additional expenses:
Meals: $150 
Local transportation: $45
Gratuities: $50
Passport: $150 (all students must have a valid passport to participate)
Personal travel expenses: varies  

Wofford Travel Grants
The Wofford College Travel Grants provide assistance to students who are participating in an Interim Travel/Study program. Financial need and academic merit are the principle considerations in awarding these grants. Please note that an application for a Wofford Travel Grant does not substitute for the Travel/Study project application for Interim. 

To be eligible to apply for a Travel Grant, students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 (except first-year students applying in the fall) and be in good social and academic standing with the College. Awards range from $500 - $1,500. The number of awards granted will depend upon the number of applicants as well as available funds. The award is directly applied to the applicant's program fees. To apply, complete the online Wofford College Travel Grant application.

For More Information
Contact Dr. John Lefebvre or Mrs. Lisa Lefebvre