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Program search results
Program search results
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JAN 383 A: Capitol Hill Internship Program (Braun/Alvis) Washington, DC United States North America
JAN 401 A: Conservation, Preservation, and Recreation in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (Brewitt/Simmons) Salt Lake City United States North America
West Yellowstone United States North America
JAN 402 A: Grassroots Organizing & Social Justice: Applying Anthropology Here and Now (Handelsman/Stukes) New Market United States North America
JAN 405 A: Public Problem-Solving and Community Change (Story/Teamer) Washington, DC United States North America
JAN 410 A: Morocco and Senegal: A Culinary and Cultural Adventure through North and West Africa (Mountaki/Morris) Casablanca Morocco Africa
Dakar Senegal Africa
Fez Morocco Africa
Marrakesh Morocco Africa
Rabat Morocco Africa
Spartanburg United States North America
JAN 411 A: England: Living with History (Hitchmough/Chalmers) Bath United Kingdom Europe
London United Kingdom Europe
Oxford United Kingdom Europe
Spartanburg United States North America
JAN 412 A: Israel & Jordan: Past & Present (Moss/Robinson) Bethlehem Palestinian Territory Middle East
Jerusalem Israel Middle East
Nazareth Israel Middle East
Petra Jordan Middle East
JAN 413 A: From the Amazon to the Andes: the Mystery, Culture, and Lands of Ecuador (Smith) Quito Ecuador South America
JAN 414 A: On-Stage in the British Isles (Ware/Hall) Dublin Ireland Europe
Edinburgh United Kingdom Europe
London United Kingdom Europe
JAN 415 A: From Lisbon to the Maghreb: the Food, Art, and Music of Portugal, Spain, and Morocco (Schmunk/Goodchild) Cordoba Spain Europe
Fez Morocco Africa
Granada Spain Europe
Lisbon Portugal Europe
Rabat Morocco Africa
Sevilla Spain Europe
JAN 416 A: Italy: History and Culture (Trakas/Wilson) Florence Italy Europe
Rome Italy Europe
Siena Italy Europe
JAN 417 A: Social Entrepreneurship and the Great Serengeti (Senecal/McPhail) Arusha Tanzania Africa
Moshi Tanzania Africa
JAN 418 A: Hear the Drums of Africa: Retracing America's Roots to Ghana and West Africa (Bostic/Wright) Accra Ghana Africa
JAN 419 A: South Africa: From searching for the "Big Five" on Safari to Understanding this Post-Apartheid Society (Green/Gonzalez) Cape Town South Africa Africa
Johannesburg South Africa Africa
Stellenbosch South Africa Africa
Timbavati South Africa Africa
JAN 420 A: SCUBA Dive Bonaire, the Fish Capital of the Caribbean (Kusher) Bonaire Netherlands Antilles West Indies
Kralendijk Bonaire, Saint Eustatius and Saba West Indies
JAN 421 A: A Soulful Journey: Hiking the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, Spain (Bethea/Telligman) Madrid Spain Europe
Santiago de Compostela Spain Europe
JAN 422 A: Scandinavia: Sustainability, Happiness, and Dog Sledding (Salley/Ferguson) Copenhagen Denmark Europe
Kiruna Sweden Europe
Spartanburg United States North America
Stockholm Sweden Europe
JAN 423 A: Spain, Andalusia and Catalonia (Neighbors/Interdonato) Barcelona Spain Europe
Cordoba Spain Europe
Madrid Spain Europe
Sevilla Spain Europe
Toledo Spain Europe
JAN 424 A: Express to Oriental Cities (Zhang/Efurd) Beijing China Asia
Kyoto Japan Asia
Shanghai China Asia
Xi'an China Asia
JAN 425 A: Eine Kleine Mozart (Sellars/McCraw) Prague Czech Republic Europe
Salzburg Austria Europe
Vienna Austria Europe
JAN 426 A: Fly Fishing (Swicegood/Brown) Brevard United States North America
Punta Allen Mexico Central America
JAN 427 A: Vietnam: Culture, History and the Modern World (Waidner/Kinnison) Hanoi Vietnam Asia
Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam Asia
JAN 440 A: Language & Culture Through Study Abroad (Chile) (Braun/Lancaster) Valparaíso Chile South America
JAN 440 B: Language & Culture Through Study Abroad (China; Intermediate Chinese) (Braun/Lancaster) Beijing China Asia
JAN 440 C: Language & Culture Through Study Abroad (France) (Braun/Lancaster) Grenoble France Europe
JAN 440 D: Language & Culture Through Study Abroad (Germany) (Braun/Lancaster) Berlin Germany Europe
Göttingen Germany Europe
Hamburg Germany Europe
Munich Germany Europe
Schwäbisch Hall Germany Europe
JAN 441 A: IES Abroad - Galápagos Islands: Marine Ecosystems (Braun/Lancaster) Galápagos Islands Ecuador South America
JAN 443 A: IES Abroad - Santiago: Health Studies (Braun/Lancaster) Santiago Chile South America
JAN 451 A: CIEE - Amsterdam: Public Health in the Netherlands (Braun/Lancaster) Amsterdam Netherlands Europe
JAN 452 A: CIEE - Amsterdam: Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Popular Culture (Braun/Lancaster) Amsterdam Netherlands Europe
JAN 453 A: CIEE - Barcelona: International Marketing (Braun/Lancaster) Barcelona Spain Europe
JAN 454 A: CIEE - Cape Town: From Rhodes to Mandela and from Apartheid to AIDS (Braun/Lancaster) Cape Town South Africa Africa
JAN 455 A: CIEE - Cusco: Climate Change (Braun/Lancaster) Cuzco Peru South America
JAN 456 A: CIEE - Paris: Paris Collage: History, Art, Architecture (Braun/Lancaster) Paris France Europe
JAN 457 A: CIEE - Rome: Food, Nutrition, and Culture (Braun/Lancaster) Rome Italy Europe
JAN 458 A: CIEE - Sydney: Integrated Marketing (Braun/Lancaster) Sydney Australia Australia/Pacific Islands